Creating in lockdown

I had four months in isolation this year when I found it impossible to lift a pencil or brush, despite having time on my hands. A combination of anxiety, depression and brain fog due to being locked down during the covid pandemic made it very hard to focus or concentrate. I could barely get out of bed in the morning and despite feeling lonely, I found it hard to talk to friends, even through social media.

Three weeks ago, I escaped to rural Victoria on a care visit to my Mum and sister, who had fractured a wrist and fibula respectively. I had a covid test when I arrived and isolated for three nights in a hotel. Then… I was free! I feel for my Melbourne friends who are still under a curfew, although a bubble for single people living alone has been introduced. We will get through this, but it has been tough on everyone in different ways, according to their living situation.

For the first time in months I was able to do some quick sketches on paint colour swatches. I can feel my artistic motivation returning 🙂

Author: Keryn


2 thoughts on “Creating in lockdown”

  1. Well I’m enjoying your lockdown creativity… even if you didn’t feel creative or like doing it. Your little colour swatch drawings are refreshing and have a lot of life in them and actually have a more relaxed feel to them… just look at the colours! It’s definitely been a time to stop, look within and discover things about ourselves, that’s for sure. Keep doing the things that make your heart sing, your mind calm and where you loose track of time… that’s one luxury we take with us wherever we are
    . Virtual hugs from places north of the border xxx

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