Last week I went to the Collingwood Arts Precinct open night, a fun gallery crawl where you can visit several Collingwood galleries within walking distance of each other. My favourite was Kick Gallery, which was showing beautiful abstract colourful paintings by Jewels Stevens. But the best part was, Kick was serving Domaine Chandon. Now in my intensive research of the Melbourne art scene over the past 2 and a half years, Chandon is the best quality wine I have experienced, so of course I had to make the most of free Chandon.

But maybe I took it a bit too far… I left Kick, did a circuit of a couple of other galleries (noted that Catherine Asquith was serving Gossips wine… bleeuuggh!) and returned to Kick. I met the lovely Jewels and asked her about her work. Then went inside to get another glass of bubbles… but the barperson politely told me he thought I’d had enough champagne. Which was actually true, I had probably guzzled down a whole bottle by this time. I was standing at the bar having what I thought was a friendly conversation with the bar person, but Jake the gallery owner thought I was ‘hassling’ him, and came over and politely asked me to leave. Reader, I went quietly, thanked him for the great night, and all the Chandon, and stumbled out into Peel Street, feeling happy.