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I’m twenty-five days into my goal of doing some art every day for 30 days, and I’ve missed a few days, but I think I’m doing ok… here’s some more work.

Murals, ‘street’ art, paintings… love your work, Maya. Especially the painting series here.
Maya Hayuk Installation 2012



I was so happy to see my Psychedelic pink coral painting hung on a wall with a fire extinguisher and fire sign. Danger! Fluoro colours!!

I finished my big painting (152 x 152 cm) on Monday. Our assessment was today, so fingers crossed I went OK. Not sure when we find out our results.

The VU studios are a hive of activity, with all of us trying to get our work finished, our studio spaces painted, and our work hung and installed by next Wednesday… eek.

Meanwhile, here’s a glimpse of my new collage/installation work…

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I’m continuing to use organic shapes made up of cells, but adding layers… I’m now painting a larger one on canvas, this was a test on cheap board. The pale layer tones down the fluoros which were very extreme!

I’ve finished my new geometric painting… I’m quite pleased with it.


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