I’m a visual artist living and working in Melbourne, Australia.

I’m inspired by intense colours and believe colour has an emotional effect on us.

While studying at Victoria University from 2010–2012 I explored colour and abstraction, using both geometric shapes and organic forms and patterns. I became fascinated with fluorescent colours – putting them together to create optical effects of vibration or shimmering movement.

Lately I’ve been painting on board using fluoro paint, spray paint, and glitter, and experimenting with 3D work.

Exhibitions include:
Five Artists from the West, Bassett Gallery, Yarraville, January 2015
Unframed, Untamed, MREAM (Maribyrnong River’s Edge Art Movement), Maidstone, March 2015
iFull – to be human, MREAM, October 2015
Perfect Offering – MREAM, November 2016
Connect 16 – Alumni Art Prize, Victoria University, December 2016
Winter Salon – MREAM, June 2017
The Advantages of Being a Woman Artist – Co-curator, MREAM, December 2017
Colour bomb! – my first solo show, Gasworks, December 2018

Thanks for visiting. If you would like to know more, or buy or commission my work, email kerynjane77 at gmail dot com. Download my artist CV here: K_Robinson_Artist_CV_21

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