I’m a visual artist living and working in Melbourne, Australia.

I’m inspired by intense colours and believe colour has an emotional effect on us. I’m continually collecting images and taking photographs which I often use as inspiration for my art work.

While studying at Victoria University in 2011 and 2012 I explored colour and abstraction, using both geometric shapes and organic forms and patterns. I became fascinated with fluorescent colours – putting them together to create optical effects of vibration or shimmering movement.

In 2013 I was mostly printmaking, making a series of images based on the Maribyrnong River and West Gate Bridge in Melbourne’s western suburbs, where I live; and painting abstract small watercolours on paper, referenced from photographs I’ve taken.

In 2015 and 2016 I painted abstract colourful acrylic and works on canvas and figurative watercolours. Currently I’m experimenting with mixed media and spray can painting.

I have exhibited in several group art shows:
Five Artists from the West, Bassett Gallery, Yarraville, January 2015
Unframed, Untamed, MREAM (Maribyrnong River’s Edge Art Movement), Maidstone, March 2015
iFull – to be human, MREAM, October 2015
Perfect Offering – MREAM, November 2016
Connect 16 – Alumni Art Prize, Victoria University, December 2016
Winter Salon – MREAM, June 2017

Thanks for visiting. If you would like to know more, or buy or commission my work, email kerynjane77 at gmail dot com.