So I thought I’d hit the big time…

…for five minutes anyway. I received an email invitation to show my work at a New York gallery! Alexandra from the Agora Gallery had seen my art here and was offering her services to represent me, and charge a fee for promotion.

I quickly did some research, and found lots of negative comments about Agora on the Wet Canvas forums. Then a post on one of my favourite art blogs, Joanne Mattera Art Blog, that kind of said it all.

Basically, no reputable gallery should charge you to show your work. Sure they take a commission on sales (normally 25% to 40% or more, according to NAVA) but they don’t charge you to have an exhibition. Galleries that charge you a fee upfront are known as vanity galleries, because you’re paying them to show your work (like vanity publishing a book). And galleries don’t usually email you to offer their services. Most galleries receive lots of unsolicited submissions from artists eager to show there.

Before you consider selling your work through a gallery, do some research, ask about their commission and artist contract.

Anyway, at least someone in New York found my blog! and the email did make my heart flutter momentarily…

Author: Keryn


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